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With time, trends in the flooring world have greatly evolved. You only need to visit a house built in the 1950s to realize how things have changed. Back then houses were very closed off. The ground floor was separated into several small rooms with hallways and doors to separate them. You could walk around and find a new flooring style in every room: ceramics in the kitchen, carpets and rugs in the living room, and hardwood in the office. This often gave off a feeling of unsuccessful mix and match.

Today, the trend in housing is open-air ground floors, in which the same flooring is used for the whole story. Wood is the big trend in open-air flooring. This creates an enlarging effect for the house. This design is much more adapted to modern living, and open spaces allow us to feel less isolated in our living spaces. We feel like we can breathe in our own homes!

If you’re planning on renovating and want a trendy new look, create a harmonious living space by using the same flooring on a whole story. This may seem a little scary for several reasons: installing hardwood floors on a whole floor can rack up quite a bill. Plus we all know hardwood floors aren’t the most appropriate floor for all rooms, such as kitchens, washrooms, or water rooms, since hardwood floors can get damaged by water and humidity.

Vinyl floors are an excellent alternative to the hardwood floor. Vinyl floors offer a range of textures and designs that perfectly imitate the look of a hardwood floor. Vinyl flooring is perfect and accessible for any room in a house. It is very durable, and resistant to water and humidity as well as temperature shifts. If you’re looking for a refined elegant decor that is easy to maintain, opt for vinyl!

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Why pick vinyl for a perfect wood look kitchen?

Five reasons to choose a wood look vinyl floor for your kitchen:

1. The styles of vinyl

Using the same kind of flooring on a whole floor in a house creates a uniform and distinguished look. The latest trends in flooring point towards wood for all the rooms in a house. This design trend brings forth some challenges. First, wood floors in a kitchen are not the wisest option as humidity and water can shorten your wooden floor’s life. Second, product costs for wood can get quite high, especially if you’re looking to set it on a whole floor.
Vinyl is an excellent alternative to hardwood as it can give your house the same distinguished style with added resistance to scratches, spills and moisture, all at a lower cost. The latest technologies allow realistic reproductions of wood to be printed onto vinyl.

2. Vinyl’s durability

Gerflor’s wood style vinyls are resistant to water and moisture. Unlike hardwood floors, vinyl won’t change colour, won’t stain and does not scratch or nick. This type of flooring will let you create gatherings in your kitchen without any worries. Vinyl floors are even pet proof!

3. Vinyl’s easy maintenance

Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. On a day to day basis they only need to be swept or vacuumed. For a thorough cleaning they only require a scrubbing with a mop or moist rag. If you happened to have a flood, your vinyl floors are easy to lift up and set out to dry, and are ready to be re-installed once they are dry. 

4. Vinyl’s simple and easy installation 

Vinyl’s installation is very simple and easy to do yourself; you don’t even need experience with flooring. Even better, it is fast to put down and install. What more can be asked of it?

5. The comfort of vinyl

Do you not enjoy the feel of cold ceramic under your feet in the kitchen? We totally agree! Vinyl is a soft and warm product that can provide you a great deal of comfort all around your house.

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