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It was a regular vinyl flooring installation in Riverview Manor nursing home.

Residents were moved out of their rooms in the morning. Gerflor Vinyl sheet flooring was installed during the day after the pre-existing VCT tiles were removed. Gerflor was able to be installed directly over the pre-existing black adhesive without encapsulation. This saved the nursing home both time and money. Residents were back in their rooms that same evening.

For Brad Dodge of Dodge Custom Carpets, it was a successful instalment. The floors looked great and the residents found the new floors more comfortable than the previous VCT tile. Gerflor Vinyl sheet flooring was all installed without glue.

However, this Gerflor Sheet Vinyl instalment would soon be tested.

Five years later, a major storm descended on Peterborough. Water flooded the streets of this Ontario town of 116,000 residents. Brad Dodge got the call: The roof at the Riverview Manor had been leaking. Water had sifted through the roof and the new vinyl floors at the nursing home were being flooded.

Brad raced with his team to the water burdened nursing home. When they got there, the process was simple. To avoid the possibility of mould and mildew, they removed the floors. They washed the vinyl flooring and let the sheet flooring dry overnight by using fans. The morning after, the dried floors were ready for re-instalment.

The subfloors were dried and the same Gerflor Vinyl sheet flooring was laid back in place.

Now, 12 years since the original installation, those very floors are still in place and continue to perform superbly.

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