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When you start researching an upcoming bathroom renovation there are many sources of inspiration. You can browse the local building stores checking out the hundreds of tile options. You can try out the latest bath fixtures for comfort, fit and function. The internet inspires us with gorgeous bathrooms in 10,000 sq. ft. homes complete with Grecian columns and toilets that heat up and play music! It’s all great information but the easiest source of inspiration can often be your own home!

The bathroom is a critical room in the house but it is not considered a “principal” room. More often than not it is attached to a bedroom, hallway or in the case of a powder room off of a living space. Try studying the space adjacent or attached to the bathroom and look to that space for your decor inspiration.

In the past, bathroom materials were mainly driven by function like water resistance. In fact, when the bathroom moved from the backyard to the inside of the house it was called the W.C. or “water closet.” Back then materials were one step up from a wash tub and a drain mainly comprised of galvanized metal, stone and tile. Today the material options are tremendous. So don’t limit your choices by function only.

Water resistant features can be found in fabrics, lighting, cabinetry and flooring. An ensuite bath can feature the same light fixtures, drapery and flooring as a bedroom. Or the two piece powder room can feature the same wood tones as the adjacent family room. If you are looking for a seamless flow to the decor of your home get inspired by the space adjacent to your bathroom.

Probably the one area of the bathroom that concerns us most regarding water damage is the floor. Tile or stone are logical choices but if you are looking for a warmer more comfortable feel to your bathroom a wood option may be better and a water resistant wood option is fantastic!

For that I recommend hardwood inspired luxury vinyl flooring. It has all the warmth of wood grain with the security of a waterproof construction. More and more people are opting for both beauty and simplicity in their lives. That is why vinyl flooring has become the fastest growing flooring category.

Gerflor has a wide range of vinyl floors inspired by beautiful hard wood and in the latest decor colour range. Check out the Gerflor product range through this link and make it one of the first points of your bathroom renovation research.

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