Solarium Flooring

Nothing can bring a room to life quite like natural light. That’s the simple truth behind the timeless appeal of the solarium.

A room that takes advantage of natural sunlight can serve many purposes: whether it’s a place to entertain, a living area, or a cozy retreat.


But no matter how you decide to use your sunroom, you need to consider some of the unique challenges of working with natural light. Direct sun and heat can be a problem for lesser floors, and will cause them to wear over time.


A small sunroom can serve as a cozy reading space

A larger solarium can make a visually stunning place to entertain guests

A luxury vinyl floor, like Gerflor GFT, is an excellent choice for a sunroom, as it performs well even in direct sun and heat. And it is available in a wide range of modern and classic designs, so you’ll be able to choose a style that suits the mood of your sunroom.