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Halloween is just around the corner and this means more and more Halloween-themed stores are opening up across Canada. What used to be a trick-or-treat adventure for children is also a much anticipated experience for adults. Homes are decorated with spooky decorations, but how do you keep them tasteful and aligned with the rest of your decor. If you are not a big fan of throw-away decorations from the dollar store but want to revamp your house decor with a fresh Halloween look, this article is meant for you.

The Interior Designer Touch

Halloween is all about celebration and superstition. The key is to find the right balance between glamour, goth and drama. How do you achieve this unique ambiance? Interior designers recommend you stick to a theme or color palette that works with your current decor. There are many ideas that you can find online; from cheap to expensive store-bought decorative elements or DIY projects that repurpose objects we already have at home. Let’s have a look at ways designers are bringing Halloween home.


Entryways and porches are iconic spaces for Halloween decoration. They welcome guests into your home and give you a taste of what to expect inside. Whether you like a rustic feel that evokes the harvest and old Halloween tales or a mysterious and sophisticated ambiance, there’s a decor for every portal. Remember, the key is to stick to a theme or colour scheme. This tip will make it easier to choose the Halloween decor elements that complement your home. These two designs are wonderful on their own, but would not achieve the same impact if we blended the decor elements from the two entryways together.

Candles as a Table Centrepiece

Candles are perfect pieces of decor for Halloween because they allow you to play with the lightning in your room. A very simple idea is to re-purpose some crystal bottles to use as candle-holders. If you decide on a spooky theme in your dining room, these candle-holders will create high impact. You can also wash an empty wine bottle, (make sure you scratch off the labels), then light a candle and let the wax drip onto the bottle. Then insert the base of the candle into the bottle neck and voilà you have created a very gothic look. Another very easy option is to use tall candles on simple gold candle-holders and accessorize them with an old, twisted branch. You can spray-paint the branch with a dark colour to create more contrast. This creates a very elegant effect!


If your decor is minimalistic, you can easily create a black and white colour scheme that will accentuate the drama. You can also spray-paint some pumpkins to break the monotony and add a splash of colour. This option is very modern and vibrant.

If your home decor is on the more traditional side, use earth-tones and classic carved pumpkins. As the saying goes: the devil is in the details. Do not hesitate to fill your mantle or shelves with small objects that evoke superstition, like a fake skull or a black cat candle-holder.

Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkins are the key element of Halloween decoration. Every year we can find different trends on how to decorate them, and this year is no exception. The current trends include flowers, metallics, pastels and good ol’ black/white. Let’s take a look at the many different ways to decorate pumpkins:

Flower Vase

Not on the scary side of Halloween decor, but definitely an option to take into account if you are not too fond of spooky items around your house.

Pastel Hues

Don’t let the pastel colours fool you. Even if they are seen as soft tones, they can be the perfect base for pumpkin decor. Just grab a sharpie and let your imagination do the rest.


Gold, silver, copper and rose gold are on trend since last year. It started off as details, such as fixtures and small decorative elements, but now the trend is fully setting in.

Black and White

Classic black and white combinations will never get out of date. Avoid carving pumpkins to avoid making a mess. Instead, you can just spray paint them in a neutral colour and add velvet ribbons or draw a pattern with sharpies.

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