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I am at the cottage playing an epic round of Monopoly. My best friend has just bought hotels for Park Place and Boardwalk. I am slightly stressed as I absolutely cannot lose to him.

That’s when, in the heap of my competitive swing, I look to my left, and like a drunken sailor, my ten month-old is rumbling and tumbling in the living room. I am caught between two worlds, the world of friendly competition and that of raising a child. On one hand, I really don’t want to lose; it has happened way too often lately. But on the other hand I know my kid can barely walk. At any minute the he might just fall and cut his knee on our splintered cottage hardwood floor. Now as ridiculous as this seems, for someone who’s been involved in hundreds of friendship-destroying games of monopoly, these self-induced injuries happen regularly. And it is not just my little boy falling on my splintered cottage floor.

My wife and I opted for ´Cottage Peace of Mind´ and selected Gerflor sheet vinyl flooring from Susan Ames at Burford Carpet. Gerflor sheet vinyl is forgiving and comfortable. We had a 10 foot by 12 foot Gerflor vinyl sheet floor laid without glue in the living room right over my existing floor. It looks great and feels wonderful.

I am now less stressed when playing Monopoly with the guys.

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