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If you have ever had a flood in the basement, you know the heartache and damage flooding causes.

Most basement flooding occurs in the spring, but flooding can happen anytime.

Gerflor HQR Vinyl is created specially for humid basements. Gerflor HQR Sheet Vinyl flooring can be installed directly over concrete without glue. And if it gets wet, simply lift the floor, dry, and reposition it.

Gerflor is great for basement flooding, but ideally you want to minimize the risk of flooding and the damage to walls and furniture.

How Does Basement Flooding Occur?

Rainwater and melted snow drains toward your home’s foundation.

Plugged eavestroughs overflow.

A sewer backs up.

Water seeps up from underneath your concrete floor. (Concrete is porous and water pooled underneath your home can be forced up through tiny concrete pores in your floor.)

A hot water tank cracks and leaks. (This happens a great deal and is largely preventable.)


Seven Tips to Minimize the Risk of Flooding

1) Check for cracks in the foundation and waterproof your foundation walls.

2) Ensure grading draws water away from your home.

3) Clean your gutters every autumn after the leaves fall. Downspouts should direct water a minimum of six feet from your foundation.

4) Install a sump pump when, despite your best attempts to stop water from entering your home, water continues to  seep up through your concrete floor.

5) Install valves to prevent sewers from backing up into your home.

6) Replace your water tank every seven years.

7) Install vinyl flooring that can be lifted, dried and reinstalled without glue.


Sheet Vinyl Flooring For Humid Basements from Gerflor

Gerflor Vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for your basements. Wood, laminate and carpet are generally thrown out when floods occur. However, water will not destroy Gerflor sheet vinyl flooring. If despite your best efforts, water enters your basement, be reassured, Gerflor HQR vinyl flooring sheets are anti-microbial and anti-mildew. They are cushioned and are installed directly over concrete without glue. Gerflor HQR vinyl flooring sheets can be lifted up, dried and easily laid back into place.

Gerflor Senso Vinyl floor tiles and Vinyl floor planks can also be unclicked, removed, dried and reinstalled in your home.

To find out more about why sheet vinyl flooring is ideal for humid basements contact any Gerflor dealer. Or if you have a question, please email it to us.

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