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Last Father’s Day my mom and I decided to re-design our kitchen. That is because my Dad was going to be in the kitchen a whole lot more now that my mother was working full-time.

Since I was just a boy, my mother has been the principal dinner-maker, lunch-packer, and breakfast-rusher. Her kitchen, the one she initially designed, was her creative zone. I don’t know how she did it but she somehow managed, with our tiny kitchen, to produce good-looking, mouth-watering, gourmet meals. People were always amazed with her. They always wondered and sometimes asked how someone, with such a small underwhelming kitchen, could produce the incredible creations she served every single day. She was, in short, a wizard in there and I, for the duration of my childhood, got to reap the benefits.

Now my dad, with slower, less adept hands, was at the helm and we were all a little nervous. He is not a careful guy and he’s messy in the kitchen. He hates cleaning up, and often manages to drop things on the floor. So my mom and I, knowing his ways, decided we needed to ‘let Dad be Dad’ and make it easy for him to cook his way.

Hence we purchased new floors, new cabinets and new counters that were beautiful yet easy to maintain. Our new floors were from Gerflor Vinyl Flooring and look great before and after Dad enters the kitchen. Unlike our previous ceramic floors, these new floors do not stain or trap dirt at the grout line. Our new Gerflor floors are also cushioned and more comfortable to stand on. My dad complains about his joints and so it was important to install a floor that was friendly to his body. What I love about these floors most is that the relaxed wood design camouflages much of the dirt on the floor, so we can focus on the food and not the collateral damage.

We also installed new cabinets, ones that are also perfectly flat and easy to wipe clean. Previously we had wooden cabinets with carved designs and grooves. Spills or blender splatter found a way to penetrate and cake in those cabinet grooves. The old cabinets were tough to clean and the kitchen looked unkept.

We chose Corian Countertops. We found that natural stone countertops stained or required more maintenance. We wanted to make life easier in the kitchen, not more complicated. These low-maintenance resin countertops resist staining and heat. If lightly scratched, the scratch can be sanded out and the appearance largely restored.

As a result of our new kitchen, my dad has decided, for the first time in my life, he will cook dinner on Father’s Day. It’s his day and he is going to do it his way. So, I imagine in his fashion, he will probably pull out his one ‘go-to’ special weapon for dinner: Macaroni with cut-up hot dogs, or as he likes to call it, ‘gourmet’ mac & cheese.

Every Dad starts somewhere. We can only make it easier for him to have more fun in the kitchen.

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