There are many flooring choices available for your kitchen. Engineered flooring, composite flooring, leather flooring, cork flooring, hardwood, ceramic, and vinyl all represent viable options. But which floor is best for your kitchen?

The right floor depends on what is important to you.


Hardwood is always beautiful when installed. But it doesn’t react well to water and will show its age over the years.

Ceramic is also beautiful but is time consuming to install and can crack. Grout between the tiles can discolour. Ceramic is also hard on your joints, and can accentuate joint pain as we grow older.

Cork and Leather flooring are niche floors that created a stir in the design community 10 years ago. They are also beautiful floors but require more care and react more negatively to water than other flooring options.
Laminate floors have had their day. Laminates were a great solution 10 years ago but in general are noisy. When water penetrates the core, laminate floors swell and bubble.

New generation composites (combination of materials) and new generation LVT flooring, (Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks), are growing very quickly in popularity.

The best new technology floors react well to water, are quiet and comfortable to walk on and stay beautiful over time. They are being embraced by time-pressed consumers looking to add more simplicity and peace of mind to their lives. It is now possible to have both beauty and practicality in a floor. These floors are a lifestyle choice, and one that a growing number of people are making.

One of the fastest growing in popularity is Gerflor new generation Vinyl Flooring.
In a survey of Flooring Dealers across Canada, dealers were asked what they liked most about Gerflor Vinyl Flooring. Colours, patterns and quality were the most cited responses.

If new generation Vinyl Flooring makes sense for your kitchen, then Gerflor is worth a look.

Gerflor vinyl provides on short-term and long-term beauty and ease of maintenance. Gerflor means thinking differently.