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Roast beef dinner on Sunday with the whole family, including Grandma and Grandpa and fancy linen napkins, has virtually disappeared. Our life today finds every member of the family in a different place doing different things: Dinner is most often on the run or take out and Grandma and Grandpa are taking a yoga class at the senior’s centre. The special dining space in your home that was lovingly polished each week with a floral centrepiece on the table now doubles as a home office or a computer gaming centre.

We know our lifestyle will not slow down nor revert to simpler times, so the formal dining room had to take on a new look and a new purpose.

Often the biggest change in today’s dining room is to merge it with the kitchen. In the past, the kitchen eating area consisted of a little nook for four people, or a pull up step stool that allowed you to eat your sandwich over the sink. However kitchens today have become a reflection of a living space with beautiful wood grain cabinets, high gloss stone surfaces and spectacular lighting that works for both food prep and dinner parties. Often there are two dining spaces within the same kitchen, one around the centre island for eating on the run plus a traditional table and chairs to seat from 4 to 10 people.

No doubt the kitchen has become not just the food prep and storage area but the centre for family living and entertaining. As a result flooring choices have greatly expanded. Traditionally a kitchen floor was selected for practical use, often sacrificing style for function. Today a kitchen floor needs as much design focus as it does practical application.

Authentic wood flooring for a kitchen is beautiful but may not be ideal for wear ability, water or pets. Natural stone is easy to keep clean and dry, but can be hard and cold for relaxed dining. So consider the latest option – luxury vinyl flooring. The new vinyl flooring options have the performance characteristics you need and are warm underfoot while maintaining the beauty of a rich wood grain or classic natural stone. An added bonus – the material and installation is less expensive than either wood or stone flooring. When does that ever happen – the best choice for less money?!

Next time you have to shop for flooring check out the many options of today’s luxury vinyl flooring. You won’t be disappointed.

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