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I and my significant other headed to the cottage with the infamous in-laws. On the way there I was stumbling on my words, I was watching my driving and monitoring my body language. I was doing everything I could to make a good impression on the very judgemental in-laws. That’s when I remembered that last weekend, me and my friends hauled a ton of wood to the fire place.

We forgot to clean the living room and left a trail of dust and dirt on the floor. In my head, all I can picture is the mess we left and the impression I was going to make. As I drove up to my little cabin in the woods, I was flushed with anxiety. I began thinking of excuses, “Oh the racoons must have got in again!” or “Oh man, I guess the winds been blowing dirt all over my floors again”. I tried them out in my head, nothing fit, and I was doomed for judgement. That’s when, in some form of divine intervention, when we walked into the house, the dirt seemed all gone. In fact my mother in-law even complimented the cabin for its tidiness. I figured I was scot-free.

Until I took a more focused look and realized there was indeed a thin layer of dirt on the living room floor. The dirt had been camouflaged by our new floors. But to me and my nervous self and my trained and focused eyes, I could see the traces of dirt. So, when the in-laws unpacked in the bedroom I went for the broom. Our new floors from Gerflor Vinyl Flooring made it easy to sweep away the mess, and I did so, quickly and proudly. By the time we had sat down for dinner, I was still in the good books of my overly judgemental in-laws. I am glad I had opted for cottage peace of mind with Gerflor flooring. And now I truly understand what cottage peace of mind with Gerflor can mean…. a better than deserved impression of me.

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