senior ready

If you care for an older family member at home, you know how important it is to create a safe, accessible space for them. That could mean installing ramps, railings and other mobility aids. It could also mean making sure you have a floor that is suitable for wheelchair traffic.


Gerflor vinyl flooring is a popular choice for nursing homes, since it meets the special needs of seniors. It is a comfortable and durable surface that is ideal for wheelchairs.

Riverview Manor in Peterborough, Ontario

This Ontario nursing home installed Gerflor—then flooded

Riverview Manor nursing home in Peterborough, Ontario chose to replace its old floors with Gerflor vinyl sheet flooring. The flooring was installed in a day, and residents found the new floors more comfortable than the old VCT tile.

But the true benefits of the new flooring were revealed five years later, when a major storm hit Peterborough. Water leaked through the roof of the nursing home, and flooded the floors. But thanks to the Gerflor flooring, what could have been a major disaster was fixed in a matter of hours. The flooring was removed, dried, and re-installed the very next day, without the need for a costly replacement. The easy fix meant minimal disruption for the residents, and the very same floors are still in place to this day. Read the full story here.