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We all know about the “Man Cave,” the male retreat in a home (usually the basement) where guys can do as they please without fear of upsetting their female partners about house decor or design. The concept behind the man cave goes back many years: it started as a decompression space for men after a long day at work.

Nowadays, women represent half the workforce in Canada and they need some me-time as well. It was about time a “Mom Cave” trend would come up.

Mom Caves are spaces where women can disconnect from their everyday lives and enjoy some time by themselves. A Mom Cave can have as many purposes as one can wish: a craft room, a media room, a book room, a gardening shed, anything you can imagine, the point is to have a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby that’s important to you.

Mom Caves come in all shapes and sizes: it can be as little as a corner in a room or as big as a “She Shed” (a backyard shed repurposed into a Mom Cave). It all depends on the space you have available in your home. Do you want to see some examples? We picked some for you:

Example 1: A sunroom to read a magazine while enjoying a beautiful view, or listening to music.

Example 2: A reading room to get lost in your favourite books.

Example 3: A quiet place to take a nap (especially if your kids still keep you up at night).

Example 4: A crafts room that is the paradise for any craftsy mom.

Example 5: A small get-together space to enjoy some tea with friends.

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