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You would think that with the thousands of colour options available in paint, flooring, and fabric, pulling together a home decor colour scheme would be easy, right? Wrong! ​​

In the 20 years I have worked with home owners and offered interior consultations, colour is by far the biggest challenge for most people. A colour decision is difficult because it’s personal. No matter what the magazines say about a colour if we don’t like it we will not put it in our home. Also people have a fear about a colour looking dated in a short time. Remember the 70’s avocado green and harvest gold or the infamous 80’s dusty rose? Even as recent as the 90’s jewel tones like hunter green and burgundy were HOT yet today no one wants them in their home.

Color is challenging but it is not an impossible task. The selection process is easier than you think, just trust your instincts and consider these few suggestions.

Research Your Clothes Closet

Instinctively we gravitate to colours that make us feel good. If your clothes closet is dominated by shades of blue and green, chances are you will love decorative cushions or area rugs in these shades. If neutrals dominate your wardrobe, then bright orange or pink may not last long in your living room. If you have always loved a certain colour because it gives you the right feeling of comfort and energy then you will love it in your home. Stick to what makes you feel good.

The Right Colour Scheme

Often a space needs at least three to five colours working together to create an ideal design story. The inspiration for your colour scheme can be pulled from a key focal point. Decide on one multi-coloured decorative piece that pleases you most. It could be a painting, a decorative fabric or even a wallpaper. To keep your interior design flexible select neutrals (beige, grey, white) for the largest surfaces and use the high risk, brighter colours for the smaller accent pieces. Pull the accent colour scheme from your selected focal point.

Consider Wood Tone A Colour

So many home owners forget that the wood tone of flooring whether it’s made from hardwood, laminate or vinyl should play into your color decisions. If your scheme is a neutral beige with soft pastel accents your best wood tones for flooring are light and natural.

Look Down for Inspiration

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring offers a wide and unique assortment of pattern and colour. In fact, you could pull together the entire room’s decor right from the floor.

Be inspired by Gerflor’s Primetex woods collection, and you may find yourself falling in love with your next interior design project.

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Rashed Ka
July 4, 2017

Next you’ll need to find the joist. Tap the floor using a rubber mallet to and listen out for a dull thud.

    Mahfuz Riad
    July 4, 2017

    Old houses are fantastically beautiful and full of original features like fireplaces, picture rails and high ceilings. For some of us the sturdy well-made thickness

Foqrul Islam
July 4, 2017

Keep your ear to the ground and ask a trusty assistant to walk across the floor. Mark the spot you can hear the creak with masking tape or a sticky note.

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