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On Sunday June 17th we celebrate Father’s Day. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion I thought I would highlight a lifestyle trend that is rapidly becoming popular with the man of the house.

Dad has traditionally taken ownership and great pride in demonstrating his BBQ skills. Grilling has increased in popularity, with male chefs like Bobby Flay leading the charge. No longer does Dad just cook up burgers and hot dogs on the grill. BBQ cuisine is branching out into more complex and challenging menus. This growing lifestyle trend has led men beyond the grill and into the kitchen.

Men are discovering the same satisfaction and pride when cooking inside as they do outside. This growing trend is motivating designers to seek new concepts for kitchen design that appeals to both sexes.
Dads are loving the technology, creativity and challenge of the kitchen. Statistics show more people are cooking at home than did 20 years ago, and men are leading the charge.


What is being called the “Male-Centric Cuisine” trend has inspired new kitchen layouts, tools, gadgets and materials. Designers are looking to industrial settings for material inspiration. Today, stainless steel appliances are the norm, commercial weight food prep tools and digital gourmet gadgets are sought after items. Therefore a typical family kitchen featuring charming bric a brac, delicate moldings and lace curtains is just not the ideal setting for this culinary trend.

A kitchen designed to appeal to him should have a neutral colour palette and feature sturdy, functional materials. The scale of appliances, countertops and fixtures can afford to be bigger and bolder – more commercial looking. Today’s masculine kitchen needs to be as organized and functional as a garage workbench but still boast great style and sexy finishes.

Organic materials work well with this design scheme, making hardwood or a rustic stone flooring great choices. However to appeal to the male chef, functionality and practicality must also be part of the design equation. For that reason a luxury vinyl tile floor with a hardwood or stone finish can be the perfect solution.

Gerflor offers a wide range of flooring options that are practical yet have all the rustic beauty nature has to offer. Gerflor is a flooring company known to deliver quality products that are more resistant to water, fading and denting than natural hardwood. Gerflor vinyl stone flooring is warmer, easier to install and doesn’t crack like ceramic.

So if you live with a “wanna-be” professional chef and are planning to renovate your kitchen remember to balance style with practical function. Select finishes that are beautiful but also make your life comfortable and easy and don’t forget to check out Gerflor.

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