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Whenever I attend a family baby shower or visit the home of new parents I am amazed by the amount of equipment, toys and general stuff it takes to outfit a child! I raised children as recently as the 90’s but somehow I missed the need for 24 hr surveillance monitors, automatic diaper disposal systems and electronic toys any adult would envy.
Western society has become obsessed with demanding the very latest and best for our children. Whether it’s educational toys, car seats, furniture or strollers manufacturers churn out a new and better model every year. The consumer demand is based on a desire to provide a safe and secure environment where the child can be healthy and happy. All this is very good except we seem to be more concerned by what goes into a child’s environment than the environment itself.

The perfect playroom is not just about educational toys, care should also be given when designing and decorating the room. Consider the following:

– Paint – select an ECO based safe paint, with no VOC emissions. Most national brands offer one in their assortment.

– Window Coverings – avoid window blinds with cords; roll up shades or cordless blinds are readily available.

– Flooring – for the healthiest option choose a hard surface floor over a broadloom. Area rugs and carpets trap dirt and germs and are not easy to clean. Look at a luxury vinyl tile with water resistant, anti-mould and mildew properties. The colour and design options are endless, and a Gerflor is always comfortable underfoot and safe.

– Furniture – select the right scale of furniture for your child so he or she doesn’t have to climb to get what they need. The right scale allows them to tidy and pick up after themselves (you may live in hope this behaviour will continue into their teens – it never does).

– Safety First – make the investment in safety covers for electrical outlets, baby locks for cupboard doors and door handle covers that prevent them going into a room that is off-limits.

– Lighting – the safest option is installed overhead lighting versus easily tipped over portable lamps with electrical cords. No doubt you may not find this list of design ideas very exciting but if you combine these features with bright fun colour, lively music and lots of games it will keep your child happy, healthy and safe.

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