Cottage, Peace of Mind, and my Dog | Gerflor Canada Residential Vinyl Flooring - Vinyl Flooring, Basement Flooring, Resilient Flooring

From a young age, going to the cottage has been a big part of my life. With long, laborious weeks spent at the mercy of my professors, the first thing I aim for come the weekend is my beautiful little family cabin on the lake. Despite its solitude and tranquility, I know my cottage comes with certain stresses that can be predicted, but not always avoided.

It’s a beautiful afternoon at the cottage and I am at my favourite little perch sipping on a seductive glass of wine. I have set up a lawn chair on my dock and have set it so it’s almost perfectly parallel to the dock. I am lying down soaking in the sun’s beaming rays. On my left, is the wine, on my right, is a small bowl of chips. I am doing absolutely nothing productive and it’s fantastic. Then, out of nowhere, in the midst of my utter tranquility, I hear what no good relaxing human being should ever hear. The thundering bark of a dog whose heart is set on dog food. Not only is this dog hell bent for my cottage, he’s wet because like all dogs at the cottage, he’s spent the whole afternoon bathing in the lake. We all know what wet dogs are like, they smell, they’re dirty and for some reason they have this disgusting way of soaking in every little fragment of dirt that the shallow lake water has to offer.

That dog, that soaking wet ball of filth is now bee-lining for his bowl of food that resides in my kitchen. It will splish, it will splash and by the time it’s done I usually arrive on the scene. This happens many times during my cottage stay. That is why we chose Gerflor flooring from J&L Flooring. It give us cottage peace of mind. I have learned first hand, Gerflor vinyl sheet flooring is one of the best defences against wet dogs and other moist intruders. Which makes sipping wine on the dock a genuinely unhurried experience.

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